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Estany de Sant Maurici

This excursion will allow us to visit the Sant Maurici Lake and the surrounding landscape.


The taxi leaves the village of Espot and, 20 minutes later, we will arrive at the Estany de Sant Maurici. You can be there as long as you want and go back to Espot from the same point where the taxi dropped you off. Schedules of the return trip vary by the season. Information can be obtained from the taxis stand or through our contact telephone. 

From the Lake you will be able to see the Encantats Mountains, the very symbol of the National Park. The larger of the two, Encantat Gran, is 2.745 m. high and the smaller, Encantat Petit, is 2.725 m. in height. You can also see the Roca de l'Estany (2.505 m.) and Portarró d'Espot (2.428 m.), the meeting point between the two hillsides of the National Park, Sant Maurici and Aigüestortes.

The Lake Sant Maurici is the starting point for many excursions, for example:

sant maurici eng 2024.jpg

- To the Ratera waterfall (30 minutes, one way)

- Around the lake (1 hour 30 minutes)

- The Monestero valley (1 hour 30 minutes, one way)

- Mount Portarró d'Espot (2 hours, one way)

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