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Estany Negre

Estany Negre, Tort i Trullo and Estanys de Trescuro. 


On this trip we will go to Estany Negre (Black Lake) (2,400 m), so named by the high depth of its waters (100 m). 

For this trip we have 3 options:




Departure from Espot to Estany Negre (60 min approx.). We will drive around the protected area of the Trescuro lakes till we get to the J.M.Blanc mountain lodge, beside Lake Tort and Lake Trullo. After a 5 min walk we will arrive to Estany Negre. The taxi will stop 60 min for sightseeing ant then we will return to Espot. As for the rocky outline we will watch the peaks Peguera (2,982m high) and Saburó (2,906m high).
(Approximate duration of the journey: 3 hours)

OPTION B: COMBINED (4x4 and walk)


Departure from Espot to Estany Negre (60 min approx.). Then, you will be free to go back by foot to the Lladres dam (1:30 h. from Estany Negre) where the 4x4 taxi will come to pick you up, at the agreed time.

OPTION C: (1 way)


The 4x4 will take us and leave us to Estany Negre (1 h.).

this excursion is organized with a minimum of 6 persons; groups are formed at  the point of departure, without prior reservation; return tickets are only valid for the same day of issue.

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You can also walk back to Espot along the hiking track 11.20 (it will take 3 h 30 min approx.) or to walk back from Estany Negre to Lake Sant Maurici. In this alternative you will go up alongside Lake Coveta and through the Monestero mountain pass (2,710m high) and then go down to Lake Sant Maurici (1,950m) through the Monestero valley. Once you arrive at Lake Sant Maurici, and holding a return ticket, you can take a taxi to Espot. The return journey must be made on the same day at a time shown on the timetable. This journey has a high degree of difficulty and lasts around 5 hours.From Estany Negre you may also climb the peaks of Peguera (2.982 m) (2 h approx. one way) and/or Saburó (2.906 m) (2 h approx. one way)

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